Martial Arts Parts Of Your Life

April 25, 2017
Martial Arts

What are Martial Arts?

Martial Arts are the arts which are implied for self-defense and also the traditional systems for some Asian countries. It is also known as a game and entertaining way of some people.

Patterns of Martial Arts

There are many types of Martial Arts around the world such as history based Martial Arts, folk wrestling based Marshal Arts and mixed Martial Arts. In the term of techniques, there two types of Martial Arts such as Armed Martial Arts and Unarmed Martial Arts.

Weapon of Martial Arts

A lot of weapons are used in Martial Arts, for example, Escrima Sticks(specially made by bamboo), Fighting Fans ( made with bamboo and clothes or plastics), Kama(made with wood, steel, and rope), Sai, Knives, Swords etc.

Famous Person of Martial Arts

Bruce Lee and his teacher Yip Man are very famous for this Martial Arts.In the 19th Century, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee became very famous for their Martial Arts techniques Movies.

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