Children Toys Really Nice And Interesting

April 24, 2017
Children toys

Introduction of  children toys

Children toys mean some elements or visible objects those are used in playing by the babies, are mainly made for cheering, entertaining and making fun to the babies. Playing with toys is always enjoyable for young children. There are many materials like wood, bamboo, paper and plastic etc. are used to make various types of toys. Nowadays different norms of toys include in digital concentration. With this demand, production patterns of toys are changing gradually. So those who are involved in making or dealing with such new toys are also modifying their strategy and business policy. Doll, stuffed animal, motorbike, and car etc. are the great toys for babies.

The country of the inventor of toys is actually unknown therefore the belief of people is that the word ‘toy’ was first used in the 14th century. Mainly Toys are made for the excitement of the children, but the little elder also found to play with different kinds of toys. Toys have some important role in our society and country as well as in the world. With these toys, children come to grow up and learn about the future role of life. Babies try to discover their identity with some toys; some toys help to recognize the colors and shapes.

Choice of Parents

Parents are sometimes very wise and conscious of choosing toys for their babies that which types of toys are perfect and fit to teach and play a vital role in their life of infants. Some parents want their babies will be scientist or creative in their practical life. In this regard, they provide relevant toys and things to their children. Because the educational role of the babies lies in the playful toys and the action enjoyed. To enhance the skills as well as mental ability along with physical growth often depends on the toys the babies are playing with. Like a toy of soldier teaches a baby to protect the evil and a puzzle twist enhances its mental ability. A walker toy helps to grow the ability to walk. At present parents wish to give such toys so that baby can learn cheerfully and through fun.


There are many types of children toys based on the age of children. The babies those who are at one or two years like to play with car or doll. The color of toys is important as colorful toys attract the children too much. So the elders come ahead to provide the colorful toys for the babies. The habit of playing with toys depends on gender. Boy babies like to play with the toy of soldiers, cars, sports tools related to boy babies and some weapons like guns and arrows. But the girl babies show their interest to play with dolls and housekeeping toys.


With the changes of cultural activities toys are getting more importance in the heart of people. So it has an economic impact in children toys industry. People are celebrated many days such as Birth Day, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Saint Nicholas Day and Three Kings Day. Around these holidays the sales of toy shops often increase where giving the gift is a custom. For examples, in the year of 2005, The United States sells about $22.9 billion of toys in total. At the age of 8 to 12, parents spend money about $221 million annually for their children in the U.S. It was counted in 2011, 88% of toy sales were in the age group 0–11 years.

World technologies are changing and upgrading day by day, it has the long-term impact on the industry of toys. In modern times many toys have become more updated with flashing lights and sound effects to raise children attractions. So the cost of goods sold has been increased. But the business person is trying to reduce the cost to be benefited and minimizing the selling price as well as increasing turnover. This topic has become an action figure.

Recent Scenarios

But nowadays children are being involved in the various modes of multimedia games through Smart Phone or Computer. These electronic devices have harmful radiations that are the reason of many diseases. By playing these devices their concentration is focused only for the game, as a result, they are not studying properly and staying or sitting idly at a single place for a long time. In this way, they become indolent, and they always keep themselves closed indoor and as a result, physical and mental growth is being hampered and they are not being the social being.


Toy plays an important role in the growth of babies to be a good human being in the society and to step up at all norms of culture across the country. We should give importance to the babies’ decision and demand but we should not forget about the negative impact of toys. We have to be aware of using it properly. Otherwise, our next generation will be in loss for the toy’s disadvantages.

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